… She is a gifted and unusually intelligent musician, with a natural approach to playing and performing. Her playing has considerable culture, she has a strong intuitive feeling for musical characterization

[…] Her overall emotional maturity and seriousness of purpose are beyond the usual level of her peers …

                        —- Matti Raekallio (professor at the Juilliard School of Music New York)

Cette jeune musicienne apporte a tout ce qu’elle fait un investissement total de sa personne. […] musicalite raffine, le serieux de son approche pianisitique tant sur le plan technique que sur le plan musical […]

(“This young musician puts all her personal involvement in everything she does. […] refined musicality, the seriousness of her approach both on a technical and a musical level […]”)

                         —-    Jean-Claude Pennetier (international concert pianist)

She possesses remarkable technical command of the instrument as well as a wide range of tonal colors. […] she is an inspired and intelligent musician with a natural feel for different musical styles and languages. She is a natural performer, very much at ease on the concert platform. In addition, she is an ideal chamber music partner — flexible, musically aware, alert and cooperative.

                        —-     Martin Beaver (professor at The Colburn School; formerly 1st violin, Tokyo String Quartet)